TERRASTYLL was set up in 1995 in the comfort of home, where the main designer and the owner of the brand began to create their first projects. She combined her passions with the duties of raising three treasures she had. It was necessary to have a scientific mind to control the designer’s creative verve and so the husband came with help.

TERRASTYLL is created by Teresa and Dariusz Podgórscy. In their hometown – Legionowo they founded a sewing room where all collections are created from the beginning.

Nowadays TERRASTYLL is a group of irreplaceable people who, just like the owners, believe that responsibility in fashion means transparent production, quality of workmanship and above all – uniqueness of projects.

They take care of high quality, perfect cutting and extraordinary details.


“Browsing our collection is a journey through the world of fashion, which we create ourselves in the comfort of the design room. We care about every detail and comfort of wearing clothes.

We don’t have what we wouldn’t be proud to wear ourselves.
We are flexible in finding trends. We observe them, analyze them, and then draw something original within their framework. We are aware that every woman has her own two faces. It often forces us to this lifestyle and unique opportunities occurring from time to time. We are sure that every woman is extraordinary, regardless of her size.”

Teresa Podgórska

All products with our label are manufactured in our sewing room as well as in external workshops.

We are familiar with our suppliers, we know that they take care of their employees and high standard of clothing production. Our team of experienced specialists takes care of the quality and workmanship of each individual piece.
We personally take care of every stage of production. We pay special attention to the search for unique fabrics. They come from reputable European and Polish manufacturers.

Many years of cooperation with them caused that nowadays we design some of the fabrics ourselves.

“The popularity of our brand and strength is confirmed by the fact that women wear our outfits and come back every season for new models. We do our best not to disappoint their trust.”

Dariusz Podgórski